An accessory that adapts just as easily as the outfit you choose day after day. What is needed for this is a product with a minimalist and timeless design that can be combined ‘with everything’. And a price tag that allows the purchase of multiple combinations (the watch bands are interchangeable).

With the goal to create this accessory I started MATTISE in 2017. My name is Vince Kramers, I am a passionate entrepreneur from Haarlem (The Netherlands) with a taste for fashion accessories.

Color combinations are very important to me, this is somewhat ironic because I am actually color blind. But rest assure, although I run MATTISE all by myself. From the designing point of view of the watches, the website and the marketing of the entire brand, I rely on the expertise within my network to design the color combinations.


Because of my direct contact with the factory and because I cut out the middleman you can enjoy a watch which can adapt day after day to your own style for a minimal price.


Note: There is one size for the clocks, the magic 38mm. The perfectly subtle size for a men's wrist and cool prominent, but not overly large for a women's wrist. Almost all models and combinations are therefore unisex.



The idea to design a watch that adapts just as easily as the outfit you choose day after day.


Magical moment! The first samples got in after sending designs to a small factory in Shenzhen (China).



MATTISE started selling on bol.com


Collaboration with Leo Mazzotti to offer bracelet x watch combination deals to both of our audiences.


New contract with a new factory with conditions allowing to lower the retail price to €49.


4 New watch designs to finish the main collection and to satisfy any customer.


Launch of e-Gift Cards, just in time for the holiday season, and the launch of the MATTISE Watch Studio, a product page in which you can create your own style.



Launch of mattisewatches.com


Started to work with influencers to reach more people and turned fans into brand ambassadors.


The first time MATTISE watches were part of a collection in a physical store (Leiden, The Netherlands). After only a few weeks I got the watches removed from the shop. The physical shop caused the retail price to raise, which goes against my product vision.


Extension of the watch collection with multiple straps.


This year I will focus on becoming a transparent brand when it comes to Mattise' environmental footprint, sustainability and the launch of new services to optimise the after sales experience you have with MATTISE.

30 day return policy

free shipping in NL

1 year warranty





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