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Getting dressed used to be very simple.

These days fashion gives you as much headache as buying your apartment.

A lot of women have come to dull wardrobes and for good reason. 

There are either too many options you absolutely love or a pile of mismatching stuff.

When it comes to watches, fashion doesn’t get any easier.

You also have to choose between your pricy Rolex or the cheap thrift shop watches.

It's even harder when you have so little time to decide between appropriate, trendy and classy. There are days you just want to walk out in convenient clothes and a simple watch to match.

Vince Kramers, CEO of MATTISE, thinks watches should save and not waste your time.

After years of practicing a minimalistic fashion sense himself,

Vince started the MATTISE brand in 2017.

Mattise is for watch lovers who are looking for a simple touch of perfection.

MATTISE watch collection contains the world’s simplest watch designs.

Our watch designs are tailored to fit users of all demographics.

MATTISE are affordable, quality watches with interchangeable straps to make a statement on your wrist and match your wardrobe. 

The idea is to give you control of your style and looks.

Your time piece is a crucial part of achieving a minimalistic fashion style.

MATTISE offers you both minimal and class in our exceptional watch designs.

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