Become A Brand Ambassador!

Congratulations! 🎉 You have been chosen to become a brand ambassador for Mattise. We discovered your Instagram account and believe you're a great fit to represent our brand.

Some Key Facts
  • Exclusive 40%  Brand Ambassador Discount On All Watches

  • and 25% Off Our Leo Mazzotti Bracelets (Brand New Collaboration)

  • A 20% Discount Code Named After You, For Your Friends/Followers (eg. LINDA20)

  • A Free Watch Strap Or 15% Commission If Someone Uses Your Code

  • Re-Post your post (with our product) to our audience to help your grow your audience

Use Promo code  PROMOTOR40  for the 40% discount on your watch order and code  PROMOTOR25  when purchasing a Leo Mazzotti bracelet.*

(You can use  PROMOTOR2540  for the watch + bracelet combination deals.)

*orders with usage of the Promo codes for your friends/followers will be canceled, this exclusive opportunity is just for you, your personalised 20% discount code is meant for your friends and followers!

See if you can find yourself in the core belief of MATTISE on our about us page:

How Does It Work?

1. You'll receive an exclusive discount code from us ( PROMOTOR40  PROMOTOR25 )

2. You place an order in our webshop using the discount code

3. We create your follower's discount code and send it to you

4. As soon as someone places an order using your discount code, we'll let you know

5. We transfer your commissions or your watch strap on the first of the next month.

What Should I Exactly Do?

It's actually very simple. You only have to place an order with your exclusive brand ambassador discount code at our online store ( PROMOTOR40  or  PROMOTOR25 ) and as soon as you receive your product(s), you post an image of you wearing this product on your social media page(s) and tag us.

What is exactly expected from me?

We would love to share your photos with Mattise on our wall and see you wearing the watch. However, you are not obligated to do anything and if you end up posting nothing with your Mattise, no hard feelings.

Do I have to purchase a product?

Yes. But only to a very discounted price. You'll never have to pay the full amount.
However, free products are available for established brand ambassadors and we're very open for further collaborations.


How do you pay out the commission?

Usually, we transfer the money at the end of each month via PayPal or bank transfer if you live in The Netherlands. if your have questions about this part, please contact us and we'll find another way for you.


Am I bound to several purchases?

No, not at all.
However, your brand ambassador discount code is a lifetime-code and you'll be able to order as many things as possible but you are not bound to place more than one order.

The fastest way to reach our Brand and Ambassador Manager (Vince) is by DM on Instagram, though if you feel like emailing.. (

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