Hanna Mietz

"I discovered Mattise on Instagram. From first sight, I was thrilled and in love with their simple beautiful watches. Receiving my favourite model with a second strap made me wearing it every single day on all my travels. I just love the purity and the simplicity which Mattise stands for. Classic in every single detail. This is a must have watch, for everyone who wants to stand out from the ordinary and who wants to spread the Mattise vibes into the world. 💖"

Nils Rumswinkel

"Since I am a fashion addict and very passionate about my style and all its details, I was very fortunate to stumble on Mattise. The model I got convinced me immediately in its entirety. The look, the quality and the fact that I can wear it to any given occasion made me love this watch from the beginning. Simply great output, here's to many more collaborations in the future!"

Ellen Tavernier

"Minimalism, stylish and a timeless design are the characteristics of this beautiful watch.

This timepiece fits with every outfit and is always good-to-go. Without a doubt my favourite accessory."

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