Your watch battery can get tired out. It should function for at least 12 months. I case the battery did not make it this long please contact me via Whatsapp or e-mail below.

If your battery is older than 12 months, you can use MATTISE' battery replacement plan or you can go to a nearby watch shop to get the battery replaced.

How it works

After filling in the form and following the steps below, you will get send an envelop and protective case by mail with a how to on sending your watch to me. 

estimated turn around time: 7 days from ordering

My watch is damaged

In case your watch crown, case back or glass is severely damaged, I am unable to guarantee a good end result. Please consider the swap repair program instead.

What it costs

15 euro (including shipping)

For questions

You may Whatsapp or email me.

*By clicking Next you are agreeing MATTISE to cancel your order in case your watch is too severely damaged to replace it's battery

Which watch model do I have?

30 day return policy

free shipping in NL

1 year warranty





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