You change your shirt every day. You buy new shoes once a year, or maybe sooner. But there's one thing you wear forever and never wash. And that's your watch.

Basic care

You might wash your face before bed. Your watch wishes it could, too. Just think of an average day this summer, your watch strap is exposed to sweat, sunscreen and even spilled beer.

We recommend to take 2 minutes to clean your watch before retiring it for the night. 

I want to clean my..

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I want to clean my watch

With a soft, clean cloth, wipe over the mineral glass and around the case back, this will remove excess moisture and any lotion build-up that occurred during general wear throughout the day.

You might want to take cleaning of your watch to the next level. Maybe for the love of your watch or maybe because your watch may start to smell funny.

The go-to cleaner for any stainless-steel jewellery (as are all Mattise watches) is: (antibacterial) dish soap.


microfiber cloth

(antibacterial) dish soap

tooth brush

How to clean thoroughly

  1. Set up one bowl of clean warm water, and one bowl of warm soapy water with a small amount of (antibacterial) soap.

  2. Carefully dip your Mattise watch into the soapy water for 15-20 seconds. Hold the watch to protect it from falling to the bottom of the bowl.

  3. Take it out, and gently scrub with a clean, damp toothbrush. Don't forget to get into the crevices and edges.

  4. Dip the watch into the clean warm water to rinse.

  5. Pat it dry with a soft cloth.


I want to clean my strap

MATTISE has two different kind of straps: the mesh and leather strap.

Both require a different kind of cleaning.

How to clean the mesh strap

MATTISE' mesh straps are made from the same material as the watch cases are (stainless steel). Therefore, the same cleaning technique can be used.

How to clean the leather strap

With leather, the process of soaking up moisture and then drying out again is what causes the material to break down and crack.

Instead, follow these steps:

  1. With a microfiber cloth, rub gently over the strap (front and back) to remove any grime buildup.

  2. Take a bowl and fill it with clean warm water.

  3. Dip a (dish) cloth in the water and gently pat down the leather with it. Do not soak the cloth and watch out, too much water can cause spots or stains on this kind of leather.

  4. Add a small amount of baking soda to the bowl.

  5. Take a new/dry part of the cloth and gently rub it on your leather straps using circular motions.

  6. Wipe the strap with a cloth damped by water.

  7. Let the strap dry overnight, do not use a hair dryer to fasten the process.


microfiber cloth

(dish) cloth

baking soda


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