When purchasing a new watch online, you want make sure it fit's.

To check if you fit a MATTISE watch, you can either measure your wrist and check the table below or download the Fit Guide.

I know my size (I don't know my size)

As shown in the table below you need a minimum wrist size of 13cm for a mesh strap or 13.5cm for a leather strap.

And as a maximum, de watches with a mesh strap can fit a wrist with sizes to 20.5cm and with a leather strap sizes to 18.5cm.

For questions

You may Whatsapp or email me.


I don't know my size

You can also download the MATTISE Watch Fit Guide.

After downloading and printing, follow the steps below.

(make sure to print the pdf scaled 100%)

1 Cut out either the MATTISE watch with leather or mesh strap.

Place the paper cut-out watch on your arm and fold the straps around your wrist.

Measure your wrist size by reading the number where the short part of the strap ends.

4 Check the table above.

example (15.5 cm)


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